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participatie participation participatie [pɑrtisi’pa(t)si] (noun); participation Participatie is delen. In een performance wil dit ten eerst zeggen, het delen van ruimte. Dit kan fysiek en mentaal zijn. Dat geldt voor zowel de toeschouwer als de performer. Zodra de toeschouwer de performanceruimte betreedt, wordt deze ruimte gedeeld door de performer met de toeschouwer. Dit kan een theater zijn, […]


participation participatie To participate is to share. In a performance, this involves the sharing of space, physically and mentally, by both the audience and the performer. Physical participation takes place as soon as the spectator enters any sort of performing space. This can be, for instance, the theatre, but also a museum or another location. […]


political politiek   The term political is commonly seen as the following: being in relation to the government and other administrative institutions. The duty of the government is to serve the interests of its citizens, as individuals and as entities within society. Therefore, the political can be extended to mean anything that relates to those […]

projective time

projective time projecterende tijd Philosopher and contemporary art theoretician Bojana Kunst wrote “The Project Horizon: On the Temporality of Making” that is about the tendency in the art world to project time into the future. Projecting time into the future means that an event is temporally suspended and that a working process leads up to this event […]