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thesaurus – system of an eternally multiplying system
Thesaurus – System eines sich ewig multiplizierenden Systems


«The library is a sphere of which the real centre is any arbitrary hexagon, and whose extent is unfathomable»

(Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel)

Jorge Luis Borges describes the library of Babel as an endlessly proliferating system of hexagonic rooms, hallways and branches, filled with countless books, books with labyrinths of letters and meaningless cacophonies, impenetrable books of past and forgotten languages, grammars, dialects, writing-styles, translations, cryptograms and secret codes. Man travels as a roaming decipherer through this total library, which has no beginning and no end. The library is an enormous thesaurus, a system of an eternally multiplying system, upon which new languages, dialects and speeches accumulate from all sides.

A thesaurus is also made up of dictionaries and collections of past languages, which become a memory in that they collect, notice and remind. The reader uses them like a box of tools with which he can experiment. Originally, a thesaurus was a small room in a sanctuary used in antiquity to keep precious oblations. As sacred room and receptacle in one, it becomes charged with qualities. [it] is inhabited by the imagination. As a multidimensional space, in which different ways of writing and writings meet, the thesaurus becomes a model of a theatre practice based on the view of language as an open, proliferous system. It brings into play a variety of sign systems not ruled by the primacy of an all-mastering meaning or origin.

The audience is the roaming decipher, who continues its writing on individual texts in its memory. The stage becomes the elevated place of the imagination of the audience, who use the seen and the experienced as a thesaurus in order to experiment with it.

Author: Bettina Masuch


thesaurus – system of an eternally multiplying system
Thesaurus – System eines sich ewig multiplizierenden Systems


Die Bibliothek ist eine Sphäre, deren wirkliches Zentrum jedes beliebige Sechseck und deren Ausmaß unermesslich ist. (Jorge Luis Borges, Die Bibliothek von Babel)

Borges beschreibt die Bibliothek von Babel als ein sich ewig vermehrendes System von sechseckigen Räumen, Fluren und Verzweigungen, gefüllt mit unzähligen Büchern Büchern mit Labyrinthen aus Buchstaben und unbedeutenden Kakophonien, undurchdringlich