PSi Lexicon



beautiful ωραίο Marina Abramovich – hottie Nice looking, form, morphe. Ancient greek: at the right time, suitable, mature, the one who comes on time, the moment – which is not necessarily alive but present – when transmitter and receiver are coordinated, their synchronicity that is right on time, the one who cannot withstand any more […]


blend mélanger To mingle; to unite intimately; as colors. To associate so that separate things mix, or the line of demarcation, cannot be distinguished. Hence: To confuse.   Picture a retail unit at night. Three windows. Dim illumination from the shop floor that just highlights figures. Fresnels rigged above the display point at trainers facing […]


boundary grens  That which serves to indicate the bounds or limits of anything whether material or immaterial; also the limit itself – Oxford English Dictionary What are boundaries and why do people always appear to have the need to set them? To define something always means exclusion on some level. “This is theatre,” for example, […]