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lament θρήνος The transubstantiation of the pain in a bodily, vocal and/or verbal performance. An expression of a very deep pain by crying, screaming and breast-hitting. A song, piece of music or poem expressing such emotion. For example: the ritual lament for the dead, performed collectively. See also: θρηνώδημα, θρηνωδία (θρήνος+ωδή, lament+ode). Etymology: θρηνώ (to lament), from the ancient […]

language, tongue

language, tongue γλώσσα There have been many linguists trying to interpret the meaning of the complicated term: ‘language’. In her book “Dictionary of Language and Linguistics” (1996), Hadumod Bussmann defines language as “a specific system of signs and combinatory rules which are arbitrary but passed on as conventions.” Language, she says, is a “vehicle for […]


limit όριο Performance, from its very nature as an artistic medium, is connected to the concept of limits. The particular category of contemporary live spectacle embodies elements from visual ‘performance art’ as much as from more extreme articulations from the fields of theatre and dance. Think of the first artists who ‘took refuge’ (the expression […]


mélanger blend mêler; unir intimement, comme des couleurs, ou la ligne de démarcation, ne puissent pas être visible. D’où: Confondre.   Imagine une vente de commerce le soir.  Trois fenêtres.  De faibles lueurs du sol de la boutique qui éclairent juste les personnes. Des ampoules fresnels installées au dessus de l’étalage de baskets faisant face […]

Metacommunicative Performative Competence

Metacommunicative Performative Competence metakommunikatív performatív kompetencia Metacommunicative Performative Competence (MPC) [‘mɛtəkə’mjuːnɪkətɪv/ /pə’fɔːmətɪv/ /’kɒmpɪt(ə)ns/] meta (prefix); situated change, communicative (adjective); embodied exchange, performative (adjective); creative enactment, competence (noun); cultural sensitivity. Metacommunicative Performative Competence (MPC), like performance, is an elusive, ephemeral and contested term.  Epistemologically, MPC raises questions about how performance is currently theorized and practiced.  MPC approaches performance […]

metakommunikatív performatív kompetencia

metakommunikatív performatív kompetencia Metacommunicative Performative Competence A metakommunikatív performatív kompetencia (MPC) a performanciához hasonlóan nehezen megfogható, efemer és vitatott kifejezés. Episztemológiailag az MPC a performancia aktuális elméletére és gyakorlatára vonatkozó kérdéseket vet fel. Az MPC a performanciát a kommunikáció szempontjából közelíti meg, ami a performanciára a kontextusaként szolgáló társadalmi-kulturális környezet strukturálását segítő jelentés-teremtő rendszerként tekint. […]


narcissism ναρκισσισμός The word narcissism derives from Narcissus – from mythology – who fell in love with his reflection to a fountain. According to the dictionary narcissism is a) the excessive gloating and b) self-love. Psychologists agree that all human beings are narcissists up to a point. However, the amount of how narcissism is either […]


participatie participation participatie [pɑrtisi’pa(t)si] (noun); participation Participatie is delen. In een performance wil dit ten eerst zeggen, het delen van ruimte. Dit kan fysiek en mentaal zijn. Dat geldt voor zowel de toeschouwer als de performer. Zodra de toeschouwer de performanceruimte betreedt, wordt deze ruimte gedeeld door de performer met de toeschouwer. Dit kan een theater zijn, […]


participation participatie To participate is to share. In a performance, this involves the sharing of space, physically and mentally, by both the audience and the performer. Physical participation takes place as soon as the spectator enters any sort of performing space. This can be, for instance, the theatre, but also a museum or another location. […]


political politiek   The term political is commonly seen as the following: being in relation to the government and other administrative institutions. The duty of the government is to serve the interests of its citizens, as individuals and as entities within society. Therefore, the political can be extended to mean anything that relates to those […]