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silence   stitle Silence is a term for something that does not really exist, but can still be very powerful. Silence would be the hearing of nothing, but this is not possible. There will always be sounds surrounding us (and in theatre for sure) although nobody says anything. There will always be someone coughing, a […]


simultaneity gelijktijdigheid  Simultaneity means that two or more events on stage have some coherence (or not)or happen at the same time.  These different elements do not have to be dependent on each other. One way to achieve this is the use of the ‘pictogram’. This is a physical representation (in abstract or concrete form) of […]

spectating (the act of)

spectating (the act of) gewaarworden One could define a spectator as an observer of an event or a person viewing something. An observer is a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses. This awareness is something that should be emphasized in the definition of the spectator of a theatrical performance. Awareness […]


stilte silence  stilte [stɪlte] (noun)   Stilte is een term voor iets dat eigenlijk niet bestaat en toch erg krachtig kan zijn. Stilte zal het horen van niets zijn, maar dit is niet mogelijk. Er zullen altijd (en zeker in het theater) geluiden om ons heen zijn, ook al zegt niemand iets. Er zal altijd iemand […]